MI StateAxe & Ecklund, P.C. is a leader among firms providing bond counsel services to public entities in the state of Michigan.

Since 1990, Axe & Ecklund, P.C. and its predecessor John R. Axe and Associates has been advising cities, counties, villages, townships and other governmental units on the best way to issue municipal bonds and notes. (The firm name was John R. Axe and Associates, P.C. until January 1, 2001 when it was changed to Axe & Ecklund, P.C.)

Included in our services is the development of individual ways for a municipal client to market its bonds, notes, and other debt and revenue obligations. The firm principally assists government units in raising funds by structuring the borrowings, preparing all legal documents, conducting a competitive sale, and providing its unqualified opinion on the validity and tax exemption of the bond issue.

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